Autopilot violation

On approach to RCTP, I turned back to my screen and saw that I was at 10,200 feet and hadn’t reduced my speed yet. I put the VS to 0 while I slowed down, and yet still the autopilot kept going at -200, and then -500!! Therefore I got a violation.;( is there anything that can be done about this? Is this normal? Has this happened to anyone else?

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You have to take into account that the plane takes awhile for the pitch to reduce, i say that you should have stopped at 11000ft and slowed down for a safe descent.


Yes that’s what I usually do, but I forgot this time

Keep in mind Expert is for experts, every small detail may lead to violation. That’s why you should be very careful


True. At least I’m grade 3 now

Honestly, the safest thing to do is set a timer to about 30 mins before the approach, and pay attention to everything after that. I’ve also gotten many violations and this is the thing that most helps

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I’ve gotten speed violations for forgetting to slow the plane down and trust me your not the only one that forgets. I’m grade 5 and I still sometimes forget. I usually set the auto pilot down to 12,000, slow down, and then go below 10,000. This has made it for me to get less violations so hope this helps


Likely nothing will be done since it is on you to make sure to slow down. I suspect these violations won’t be removed but it is a lesson to learn for the future

Try setting autopilot to descend to 12,000 then set speed to 230 when you get there. When you continue descent, extend the spoillers. If IFACT tell you to descend maintain 12000. Start slowing at 14000 because you don’t know if as soon as you get to 12000 they may say to continue descent to 9000. I have only ever gotten 1 violation for this and this method seems to work. Hope it helps! :)

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I usually do that, but I messed up. Thanks guys. A mod can close this now

I set my final altitude and descend at -2000 ft/min at 300 kts. I pay attention.
At 12000 ft -1500 ft/min 300 kts > 250 kts FLIGHT SPOILERS expanded.
At 250 kts SPOILERS retracted.
At 10000 kts keep on descending with the good V/S

Once the violation warning pops up you have 20 or 25 seconds to correct yourself then it will issue you the violation if you continue a further 4 times for a total of 5 violations you will get ghosted.

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As an addition, Also, if it is too late to do something in 20-25 seconds, I recommend you to quit game. Choose; xps with vios/ghosting or less xp no vios/ghosting. I agree @Tim_B ,but there are a great difference as you have said. But i have edit that one with true one.

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XP are continuously updated. You don’t get zero XP for a vacated flight.


That is true, you only don’t get landings.

It is likely because you where too close to 10,000 to be able to level off in time. Or it might have been your trim that was the problem?

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