Autopilot update

The autopilot in IF has a few problems I would like to address in this topic here you go!


When you press the speed in IF it will automatically set to what ever speed you where originally at which I think is a very good feature, however: the autopilot drops the throttle to only 50% when you press the button which means that if you weren’t at 50% power when you pressed you may loose or gain a lot of speed which can be very annoying and frustrating, I think that when you press the button the AP should be programmed to stay at the original power setting before it decides to accelerate or decelerate.
another thing that’s a bit wrong with the speed is that you can’t control when it’s following IAS or Mach number but on real life aircraft you can which I think should be available on IF becuase it can be annoying when you are climbing and you are at the Mach number you want but it’s at IAS so you have to constantly reset the speed to maintain the Mach number.
Lastly overall the speed AP is to sensitive and it makes to much changes to power, there have been times where I’ve wanted to drop only q0knots and AP set the power to idle which is very unrealistic and bad.

LNAV/HDG turns

When the flight plan includes a turn the LNAV will follow it as we all know which is very useful and means we don’t have to constantly change the heading. Although one problem I noticed is that the turns can be a bit to steep for cruising even a 20 degree turn could result in autopilot pulling 1.2 Gs during the turn which may be okay during approach or climb but certainly unrealistic during cruise.
One way o think this could be solved is you should be able to control the turn rate, on the 737 there is knob where you can do this and I think this would be very useful in IF so you can control how fast you turn and can more easily predict when you will be out of the turn.

altitude/Vertical speed

Another slight issue I have noticed is that when you accidentally put the altitude above what your curent altitude is but the VS is a negative so you are descending is that it totally freaks out and climbs way to fast pulling many Gs which is bad, I think when this happens the autopilot should keep descending but there should maybe be some kind of warning like “negative VS” or maybe the autopilot could make the negative VS the same value put positive eg.: change from -1000ft/min to 1000ft/min so that the plane would be climbing.

Thanks for reading I hope I got your Vote!

Should fit right in this :^)


I just realised I made a mistake at the end of the speed paragraph it should say ‘a few knots’.