Autopilot update

Before you read on, I know, I know there are other topics on this and features of this but at this point It’s really getting to me. I have had 3 out of about 15 flights in the past 2 weeks end because of this issue. I have accidentally hit the A/P button or the altitude a/p button and have my plane fall out of the sky. This is extremely annoying and I think that a simple update could fix this.

So what I think they should do to this is make it so you have to tap the altitude/heading button twice. (there has also been issues with heading). Now there should also be a setting for people who want to turn this off. Also, this should not be applied to speed and V/S.

Overall, this would be a great easy update for the developers (I think 😬)

I mean, this in my opinion isn’t useful. Especially not with the new UI. It’s simple, really. You’re making the mistakes. 3/15 times. Practice more and make those odds 0/15. It’s not hard. Just don’t rush what you’re doing. When in doubt hand fly it in. Or out. And get everything settled.

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Thank you for your suggestion.

However, the section quoted above makes a feature such as you are suggesting extremely unintuitive and confusing. Can’t have it like that :)

The new interface have already proofed accidental disconnects a lot. There’s only so much one can do before it gets too much. Some responsibility is in your fingers as well ;)


Mate one major point of the update was to prevent that accidental disconnect from happening. The others have said the rest but just get used to the new UI, find a rhythm and you’ll be fine, it’s actually more impossible to disconnect the Autopilot now than it was before.

When in harsh conditions Turing off A/P fast is key, and this would just make it harder.