Autopilot trouble when traffic around

I tried that also in other flights and it still gets like crazy rolling, but I dont recall if it was with 320 or 777

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28 at KATL I think

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As I said this problem has only happened with busy airport, but apparently it is not related. When I am alone it is usually pretty smooth.

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Seems like your too high and far too slow.

I am under the G/S before intercepting and at 200kts so its not that, afterwards of corse the airplane is not able to keep the speed with so much pitch and roll.

Please take a read of this!

Especially this part,

The autoland system in Infinite Flight isn’t designed to magically get the airplane to the runway. Just like in real life, the system has limitations and things to know about. This article outlines the most important ones.

  • Limitations:
  • 15 kts crosswind
  • 30 kts headwinds
  • 5 kts tail wind
  • Interception course with Localizer 45 degrees max
  • Landing configuration set 5NM out (final approach speed, gear down, full flaps, spoilers ARM, no changes past 5NM)
  • 200 kts max speed during entire approach
  • Spoilers in ARM mode
  • No de-crabbing is done by the system, pilot is responsible for alignment upon touchdown
  • Designed for full stop landings only
  • Terrain avoidance is the pilot’s responsibility
  • Standard ILS Approaches only (3 degrees slope max. Will not work at EGLC for example)

You are at 140 GS and gear down at 11-12 nm out in the video if my eyes see correct

Ground speed is not relevant for flying. I usually do the approaches like this one and never had a problem before. 140kts approach speed was fine after disconnecting the AP and flying manually.

That’s way too slow, That’s an average Airliners speed on touchdown

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That depends on many factors including weight, flaps… Even if it is a bit slow the AP usually doesn’t give me any problem I can adjust better after stablished for final approach.

That’s why I said Average

What was your configuration at the time?

Gear down?
Spoilers Armed?

As mentioned APPR/AP have no clue about busy airports so most likely this is not the issue.

The only issue we are left with is wrong aircraft configuration.

  • Speed too low/too much drag
    (Flaps, gear down 11-12 nm out)

I suggest you try tips recieved. Happy flying! :)

What I want to know is if the performance of my ipad was maybe low or something.

Flaps full gear down, spoilers armed has no effect while in air.

Did you experience any lag? What model?
General tip is to lower airplane count in settings if you approach a busy airport

See fully configured way to early

According to the tutorial you told me to check it says to configure the aircraft before intercepting. I was extending the flaps and reducing the speed also in order to let the approach moda have a better control

I have it to max always, but as I said I never had any problem before, thats why i dont understand so well what happened.

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The main problem with your use of APPR is that you are not setup properly for the approach. You are either too slow, did not use enough flaps, or are over MLW because your angle of attack is way too high.
BTW you do not have to configure the aircraft before intercepting if you not doing a full autoland, just be under 200. You just need to be aware that extending flaps can destabilize APPR. At that point I usually go manual, but you can also choose to use trim to counteract immediately.

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