Autopilot to Manual

Hey guys I am having trouble going from Autopilot to manual every time I recalibrate and turn off AP my plane automatically descends to the point that I almost crash. Does anyone have an instructional video on how to properly calibrate and switch from AP to Manual on an iPhone?


When I recalibrate, I pull back a bit to avoid it sinking

You have to test flight the aircraft with A/P, add trim and see how much you need to avoid those problems. For example, at flaps 30 with gear down and at normal weight on the 737-800, I need 15% trim to avoid the sudden nose dip.

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I recalibrate with my phone at about a 45 degree angle / then I take it off autopilot with my phone vertical | and it automatically goes into a nose dive

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I use the B772 with a 60% trim when I take it off AP

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Calibrate at a shallower angle? There’s not much else you can do.

ill try horizontally

You don’t need to recalibrate if you use the correct ammount of trim.

You have to recalibrate at the angle that you’re going to be flying or else the calibration will be off

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After i recalibrate 180kts and flaps on 5 (1 on Airbus), and i switch to manual.