Autopilot throttle "spawns in" at 50%

I think that we are all familiar with that when you turn the auto throttle on it “spawns in” at 50%. Say that you’re climbing out of an airport at 250knots, you turn on the auto throttle, it spawns in at 50% power. Because of the decrease in power, the aircraft has now slowed down to 245knots. Now the AT needs to increase power to get the speed over 250knots and then slow to 250knots and stabilise. It would be much better if the throttles stayed were you had them before turning AT on and then AT only has to make minor adjustments to the speed which would be much more efficient.

I think I know what you mean. Yeah, it’s pretty annoying, especially when you’re climbing out at 2500 FPM, setting the autopilot speed section messes it up quite a bit.


I agree you have my vote👍🏾👍🏾

Why aren’t you voting on your own feature request?

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The entire autopilot is rough. That’s why I manually control the throttle during take off, climb, descent, and landing.


I usually control the throttle during climb out. But I agree that the autopilot mechanics in general need to be worked on a little bit.

I will usually disable SPD and just throttle up manually 5-10% until I reach my desired speed during climb out, and set SPD upon reaching cruise.

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I posted a feature thread and Linked back to this.

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Ok 👌🏾 thank you hopefully that helps

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