Autopilot struggled while intercepting LOC

The autopilot always turns too late while intercepting LOC, and then it corrects the course using a large bank angle. It usually keeps struggling for a few miles until the plane is finally on course.


What aircraft are you experiencing this issue in?

The flight from the screenshot was 772, but I’ve seen similar behaviors on a320, 737 and 787.

Okay, thanks.

Well, the B777 is currently in the process of being reworked, so a fix for the B777 is on the way. Similarly, the developers are aware of the issues on the A320 family and they should be fixed in a future update. That being said, are you sure you are operating the APPR mode correctly? Double-check by looking at this thread:

As you can see in the screenshot, the plane was already making the turn to the runway but then the autopilot decides to make a right turn with a 20 degrees bank angle, then this happened. For other aircraft I mentioned, their behavior was similar but it usually managed to get the plane on course right after it, instead of waving around.

Unfortunately a not too uncommon occurrence. Reducing the speed and the angle between your track and the runway‘a track can help to reduce the issue. Also the correct point of activation of the APPR is crucial.

well another problem with autopilot is that it turns very fast which in real life would scare passengers, it occurs in every aircraft in NAV Mode

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Did you land safely with APPR eventually? If so, we can rule out an ILS editing error.

The APPR mode in 737-700, when it gets close t the landing aid, it flares up and dives down constantly at a very extreme angle and either slam down the runway or flares up and miss runway, this is what happened to me and I have followed the tutorial correctly.

I took control after it tried and failed to correct the course itself. The plane landed safely but few passengers suffered from minor nausea.

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@Maxim : MaxSez:
While FDS is correcting the auto land glitch It’s time to correct the hard over aileron turns so routine evident initiated by program.
Only a “Coordinated Turn”; Aileron/Rudder combination is acceptable on this school house platform.
Just Sayin, MaxSends


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