Autopilot stall

I am climbing with auto pilot with my speed set then all of the sudden the speed is M 0.88 and I’m either over speeding or stalling

M0.88 is way too fast

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It sets its self to that tbh I don’t know what it is

I’m pretty sure this is an “Overspeed Stall”.
The amount of air the plane breaks is increased by it’s speed. After a particular speed. The break will be so much the plane will eventually stall.

But what is that m thingy

climbing too fast when you cross FL280.


Reduce thrust during the climb. Dont exceed about 305knots IAS in your climb.


And is the overspend ground or air speed

The overspeed with the new update is AIRSPEED. Exceeding 350 knots indicated airspeed OR mach 0.87 (mach speed is used after you cross FL280).

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I’m pretty sure it’s Airspeed.
And add the “Overspeed” word to the AutoType. Does not have that

Which is 280000? Sorry for the noob questions

28,000 feet

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Oh that’s what I meant obviously lol

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