Autopilot Speed Glitch

I was just doing a flight on Training Server, from KATL-KDCA in an A321. I took off, set initial autopilot, and got going. However, on my climb, I got two violations. I do take full responsibility for both of them as I should have been paying more attention. However, I feel that the second violation wasn’t my fault as much as it was the autopilot’s. I oversped to 300kts accidentally and then reduced speed to 240IAS. I then set my AP speed (which I forgot to do before, and got me the prior violation) to 240IAS. I thought all was well, when I looked down and I had received a second violation for overspeeding. My A321 was at around 270IAS when I looked down to the second violation. I was at my standard climb rate, I had NAV on, I had ALT set and everything was as normal as any other flight except for the violations.
Unfortunately, I do not have any screenshots. I’ll tell you that my word is as good as any screenshot however, and let everyone know I’m being honest. I’m not asking for the violations to be removed as it was my fault that I didn’t notice the overspeed and fix it. Rather, I’m just reporting that I set my AP speed to 240 IAS and it went over that. I had cleared cache before flight, I had restarted my game before the flight, nothing was running in the background, all was as normal.

I set AP speed to 240IAS and it went to around 270IAS. I ensured it was only at 240IAS. I’m not asking for my violations to be removed.

So you set the A/P speed to 240 KIAS however did you set it with the plane at 240 KIAS or as it was slowing down from the previous 300 KIAS? If you had a shallow angle of attack it will take awhile to bleed off 60 kts. I’m assuming this was the case for you here. Autopilot is a tool not something to be relied upon, you are still the PIC and need to act as such in manipulation of different situations.

The plane was at 240IAS when I set the AP speed to 240IAS.

Was this in a decent or ascent?

This was in my ascent.

People keep making these claims about the autopilot, however no one has provided any visual details as to what is going on in these instances. Best bet is that if it happens again take screen shots or better yet a recording of the event. If there is an issue we would all like to determine the cause. Most of the issues trace back to pilot error however.


I’m not asking for the violations to be taken away, I’m simply reporting an issue with the game. I’ve never had this issue with any other plane on any other flight. The reason I believe there are no screenshots or recordings is because people don’t think it will happen. I take responsibility for the violations, I should have seen that when AP was putting my speed over 250IAS, I should have reduced my speed. However, I didn’t, because I expected AP to keep my plane at 240IAS. I’m not trying to be disrespectful, I’m a professional person, but I’m just saying that in this flight, I had an issue with the autopilot and decided to make a support thread to make staff aware of it. I have never heard of this before, so that gave me even more reason to.

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Here’s a tip: Don’t max out your throttle during initial climb. Accelerate in such a way that you can be in control of and can barely see the pink line on the IAS moving up.

I mean absolutely no disrespect, but I wasn’t maxing out my throttle, and I never do. I always keep it below 90% N1 on climb until 240IAS, when I set the AP speed. However, on this flight, I just forgot to set the AP which caused me my first violation. I take full responsibility for that one as it was completely my fault. However, I created this thread because of my second violation, which was caused by what I believe to be an AP bug.

What more than likely happened is that even though you get the AP to 240IAS, it will take you plane more than 20 seconds to slow down resulting in the second violation.

See this post:

That’s not the case. My plane was at 240IAS when I set the AP speed, and the AP speed showed as 240.

The autopilot almost never fails which is why I find it odd that this is the autopilots failure. I believe you may have made a mistake

I’m talking with @DeerCrusher about it now. I claim full responsibility for the first violation. I wouldn’t have made this thread if I claimed full responsibility for both of them. I made it because I set the AP speed to 240 and the plane went to 270, simple as that. :)

What were the wind conditions? I’ve had radical changes in airspeed on ascent during gusty wind conditions.

Well if that happens I go full out. Gear,flaps,and spoilers.

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The wind was completely normal, wasn’t even 10kts.

That’s weird. I haven’t personally had that glitch happen to me yet.

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