Autopilot Speed button bug

I am an Ipad infinite flight player and i experienced this bug a lot. i set my speed before takeoff and after takeoff, i set the autopilot and the NAV mode. after some time, I also engage the speed button but when i engage the speed button, the speed value set in it changes.Example i set the speed 220 before take off and after takeoff when i click on the speed button, the speed changes to another value like 268 or any other number. sometimes the value decreases as well.
I faced this problem a lot of times and i am fed up of this. Infinite flight staff i request you to take action against this problem ASAP. Thank you .
BTW i love this simulator and keep doing the good work :)

Hello @Ifly_guy_yt

This is not a bug. It behaves just as expected.
The SPD function sets to your current speed at the time you press it, not what you have adjusted it to beforehand. Same thing with VS :)

So if you’re going 238kts IAS at the time you activate that function of the autopilot, it will set it to 238kts.


Ohh I didn’t know what that. Thank you! @schyllberg

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