Autopilot SPD mismatch

The speed I set for autopilot is usually .1 mach off the indicated speed of the HUD, especially when using the a350. For ex right now im set at .85 but my plane is apparently travelling at .84. happen to anyone else?


One of the factors in this is the winds. Do you have a lot of headwind or crosswinds at the moment?

Yes! Every night. I pretty much only do overnight red eye flights in the 777-300, A350, A330, 767, and 787s and it happens on all of them

no, a lot of tailwind actually

Could you possibly send a screen shot so I can see?

i just checked my phone 10 min ago, not near it now. but on liveflight im over Northern central asia headed east at 39,000. wind is about 30 kts in my direction (

I believe this been an issue for ages with the A359 AP… most likely since release. Not sure what other planes are affected though…

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