Autopilot Shut Off

Hello. So recent and for about a month. Mid flight my autopilot will randomly shut off. And usually I sleep through my flights. I was just in a flight from KATL to KDAL and it shut off. I got 5 violations in expert. There is literally nothing I can do about it. I am about to just start playing in casual. I have over 60 violations now. It’s getting really bad. It sends me all the back to grade 2.


Do you remember the aircraft you were in?

Were you in steep climb and descend or sharp turn angle?

I was at cruising alt. 32,000 ft in a 737-700. It’s happened in a bunch of airceaft. can’t remember

If your autopilot is shutting off then it’s likely that you aren’t cruising at the right speeds and altitudes according to your aircraft and weight.

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If it’s autopilot then it can’t make sharp turns. Although it could make a steep descent if manually set.

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It was heading streight all the way untill approach at KDAL

Does that mean you passed your destination? If so then autopilot will turn off automatically.

I was cruising at 0.80

How do you get any sleep flying from KATL to KDAL? How do you know that he autpoilot shuts off? Do you wake up to a crash screen?

No. I was barely out of KATL. About 1:30 untill approach to KDAL

If the NAV and Heading is off, and if it is sharp angle turn, it set A/P disengage.

Give me your Callsign that you use.

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Most of my flights I do sleep. However that flight I wanted to log while I was a wake. I don’t think you should have to monitor your flight the whole time. Once at cruising I estimate my time untill approach and set a timer

Umm. I was using SWA50

NAV was on. And it was at cruising in a straight heading.

Okay, hmm there nothing that I cant think anymore.

Send me a PM tomorrow and we will look into this further. If this was a widespread issue with the app our support threads would be flooded right now.

For the time being try doing the following:

  • Make sure your FPL didn’t have waypoints too close to one another (spread them out to allow the aircraft time to intercept those points)

  • Fly at appropriate speeds and altitudes based on the aircraft and weight

  • Make sure that before you walk away your Vertical Speed is 0 once you’ve reached your cruise altitude.

  • If your throttle is at 100% and you can’t maintain the desired speed then it’s likely you will stall so adjust the speed and alt accordingly

  • Be careful when adjusting your trim. We’ve seen instances where pilots have accidentally tapped the AP and didn’t realize it. Always double check that your Autopilot is activated