Autopilot roll/bank

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I use IF and see few problems. However there is just one thing, the autopilot. When I change the heading more than 5° the plane banks at a really sharp angle.
Is there anyway for me set the heading but have the autopilot turn less sharply?
Thanks in advance!

Know what you mean, it’s really sudden. I normally hold it at +1 degree until the plane has reached full bank angle, then increase it by more than +5 degrees; that sort of works


Hi @Capt.teddy unfortunately IF doesn’t have a feature where one can control the bank limit of an aircraft but if you do what @747life mentioned in post 2 it might resolve your issue.

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this will most likely be fixed with lnav

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Short answer is no you can’t control bank angle. What I do is gently adjust the heading by single digit increments until full roll is reached before I bump it up to 5 units at a time.


I always do that too but is there a solution on the track to that too!i would love to set it directly but to make it realistic i do it as you said but it would be favorable if there was a solution on the way…I’m not in a hurry just patient enough… Everything gets better by the day anyway

Perhaps at some point it might be altered a bit. I don’t know right now.

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