Autopilot Replay Bug

This is similar to the 747 Gear Bug, but when you are flying on solo, you engage autopilot and you press replay. The issue is when in the replay, you hit Live to start flying from that point before autopilot was engaged, you can’t control your aircraft.

Infinite Flight V.16.02.0
iPhone 5S
iOS 9.3.2


Mostly it’s the device…

Are you over loading your iPhone…

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I don’t have this issue.

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No, I’m not, possibly it’s the aircraft I was using, A380 @Nicholas_L

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Still fine for me.

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What device?

Happens to me too sometimes

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I think it’s something about the device because on note 5 and Nexus 9 or Lg g3. I’ve never had that problem. Maybe it’s your software or device:)

You can always try reinstalling the app to see if it changes.

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Also happened with other aircraft; A320 Family.

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It’s probably your device or the software or both.

iPhone 5s.

For now! just switch on the AP and switch it off again things would be fine

i had that problem on my ipad air too

So did I it happens everytime on my iPad Air 2

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