Autopilot Realism (ARM/CAP of Loc/Gs)

I believe the autopilot in IF could use a tune-up, just like the Systems page got! ;)

My biggest request for the autopilot update would be: allow an “ARM” and “CAPTURE” mode for LOC & GS.

Irl, on radar vectors or just in general, one can be flying with altitude hold and heading select, be given an intercept heading to a localizer/other Nav course and one’s plane will hold the HDG you set until the plane Captures the course.
The same is true for altitude hold until glideslope intercept.

This update would enhance the realism of the autopilot and create an neater radar vector pattern with minimal localizer overshoots and better glideslope control.

Happy flying, and thanks FDS for this amazing product.

I hope if this were added, the devs could work on the appr so my plane wouldn’t stall when I tried to use it


This is a brilliant idea! I would vote if I could

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Bumping this post!!!

Please refrain from constantly bumping your post. Folk scroll through the features board and find the weird and whacky requests that they would like to vote for. Bumping it will not help it gain traction, but rather become an annoyance.

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Thanks for the votes

I also believe the APPR system needs a rework. Right now, when you engage APPR, it will bob up and down and side to side extremely violently even when I have already captured the localizer and glide slope. The ferocity of the appr has even caused my aircraft to stall before. This needs to be fixed

@Dylan_Bright this can be sometimes fixed because you need to active APPR mode when the glideslope is 1 dot to half a dot above you AND the plane is fully trimmed (make sure no pink is showing on the trim square) …by even then… the plane can still bob and zig zag down the localizer.

Thanks for the vote! I agree!