Autopilot randomly disengages mid flight causing a crash and violations

Hello. I’m pretty sure this will get made into a DM but for anyone reading this please hear me out. After a while of being away from Infinite flight, I decide to return and try and maintain my grade 5 by doing 60 landings to keep the landing requirements. After this, I set myself up with a flight from EGLL to KAUS. I put way more than enough fuel required in (14hrs), do all the normal weight and stuff and eventually take off.

I set up my autopilot and once my aircraft reaches cruising altitude of FL360, I do a final check to see if everything’s ok, and I go to sleep with an alarm set for 6.

I wake up at 6 on the dot to see my flight has crashed. I have a moment of confusion but then realise that I should probably check the replay, which I do. To my utter bewilderment, everything was ok until about 4 hours in where the plane (777-200ER) decides to switch its autopilot off and naturally, the aircraft goes into a violent nosedive.

I’ll provide a replay I’ll to anyone who needs it. I’m really confused as to why on earth this happened. Am I supposed to stay awake for cruise? I thought it was only critical stages of flight.

Thanks for reading this btw, I thought I’d include as much detail as possible.

P.S: speed was 0.86 Mach if you’re interested


Your speed (Mach 0.86, too fast for the A330) and initial altitude (FL360) possibly led to a stall. The recommended speed for the A330 is Mach 0.80, and I’d definitely go to a lower altitude as well during your next flight.

Perhaps something touched the screen while you were away, that’s also a common occurence that other users have reported.

But, your replay would definitely help, if you could provide it, someone could look at it (I can’t at the moment).

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I never said A330, I said 777.

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Oh and 36000 feet is fine?! Edit: getting the replay now

Oops, misread that. Still, the 777 tends to cruise bettter at Mach 0.84-0.85, but 0.86 is acceptable.

Definitely send over your replay, perhaps it’ll paint the picture a bit better.


Oki, thanks man. And for the screen touching thing, I have the iPad in a place where this would mean the only thing that could possibly touch it is if the ceiling fell down. I’m pretty careful to make sure my flights are set up pretty much perfectly.

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Did you notice what your N1 was at cruise?
You said you put way enough fuel. Do you remember your total load in %?

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No I don’t sadly, sorry, however the replay file shows the engines are running throughout so it couldn’t have been fuel.

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And sorry I have no idea about N1. The replay file isn’t showing it

No, not thinking about running out of fuel. But your weight. Most likely very heavy.
High N1 = Aircraft working hard to keep flying/keep speed

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I stayed awake until the aircraft had reached the 36, and even then it was working as intended. If anything else occurred I would have picked up on it.

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Hi! I had a very similar issue some time ago and the problem turned out to be that my IFAsisstant recorded my speech as “My plane” which is the command to disengage AP. Could your issue be related to this?

Also, your violations can get appealed if there wasn’t a pilot error. You can message @appeals with your replay to appeal your violations.

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I don’t use any third party apps so this didn’t happen but thanks for the info. Also I’ll message appeals. Thx!

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The autopilot never turns off randomly without a cause.
It looks like it didn’t in this case either.

What I’m seeing is a gradual change in negative vertical speed, which indicates something being incorrectly configured with VNAV?


Never had VNAV enabled so have no idea how this could have happened

It just happened suddenly, so that means it is possible that it is (like everyone else has said) weight, but who knows

I saw this exact same issue on a group flight that I had. When AFK, the group lead nosedived down, he continued teleporting and spawn back and forth.
I think that you may have logged into your same account on another device. When that happens the app kills the engines and enters the plane into a nosedive. The thing is that it may kill your engines but it won’t quit the game for you.

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I’ve done the flight loads (see image below) and I always pack pretty much the same everything.

I never entered the app on another device. It was literally 4am. To do that I’d have to be either super sleep deprived or confused

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