autopilot question

when iwas on a 737-800 from SYD-AKL i realised when we were making turns mid flight the ailerons didnt move and if they did they moved like an inch some of the turns were really sharp and they still didnt move, what i wanna know is why does it look like this when turning?or why does it do this?

is it an autopilot thing?

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After you get to the angle you want to turn at, the aileron stops moving to keep that angle. It will move sometimes to stop the plane from banking too much though.

well i literally stared at the aileron and it never moved sometimes it would move a tiny bit, maybe its just my eyes ahaha

It’s was probably because the plane banked really slowly that the ailerons didn’t have to move much.

oh right thanks.

Do you have a video?

Yeah they arnt making snap rolls up their 😀 it’s very gentle turns which is minimal inputs on the yoke

yup ill show it now

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well i cant i have no 3g plus im at school and they dont let u use ur phones so i can pm it later its a pretty good video of a sydney take off tbh aha

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