Autopilot question

Hi all
I have taken off successfully then have set the parameters of the AP and seemed to work fine, but all the suddend i get a message saying the AP has disengaged check parameters…
what causes the AP to disengage??

High banks, rapid ascents and descents,


Maybe speed is too slow,or ascent and descent too rapidly, or turn too fast

It’s because u are ascending rapidly and ur speeds slow and ur aircraft start to stall… (AP disengages)
Or there r many reasons too which the members above mentioned

Have a look in both of these topics ☝️and welcome to the forum 😉


Rapid decent, high rates of bank, etc. As said already.

As others mentioned banking too hard can disengage it as well as rapid descent. What I usually do after takeoff is hit A/P as soon as feasible to get vertical speed and heading set. Then I get speed inputted. Let it go up to 240 kts and then after you pass 10,000 feet. After that I then get the altitude set for what I want to fly at. Last then I focus on navigating the route, on the public build you would adjust your heading to what the next fix on your flight plan requires.

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