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In these days I notice that when I’m flyng with the KC-10 Extender, with the AP on, the KC tended to stall out at 260 knts so I have to use 15 or 28 degrees flaps to be stable. Another probles is that sometimes with a lot of airplanes, when i disengage the AP the aircraft goes up or down quicly an it isn’t calibrated with my settings. Please say where I do wrong.

  • I also have this problem
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I’ve never had this problem before, are you 100% sure you re calibrate when you disengage the ap? It could also be a weight problem.

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Are you climbing when this occurs? Excess vertical speed can cause a stall. Can’t really think of any other reason you’d be stalling at a sufficient airspeed.


Yeah, I recalibrate my device but the aircraft pitch up or down. And the weight it was like 180.000 kg for the kc


Are you able to send us a quick clip via youtube of what happens before, during, and after you encounter your problem? The extending of the fuel delivery rod shouldn’t cause any drag.

Edit: To answer your 2nd question about AP disengaging and your plane making sudden movements, most of the time this is related to your current trim setting and your calibration. Make sure that your sensitivities are correct; the magenta line on the trim setting is just about in the middle, not too far up or down; and of course make sure that you keep your device in a position you want to hold it when you are calibrating it. (I also recommend re-calibrating BEFORE you disengage autopilot.)

I will send you a video or I will post that on YouTube. Actually the trim was set to 0 and I was in position

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