Autopilot problems

Hi all, Just wondering if any of you have experienced autopilot problems? Like it just not doing what it has been preprogrammed to do? I don’t mean on the BBJ or the A320’s auto land systems due to bad wind conditions, I mean on bigger planes that just virtually ignore the autopilot setting.
For example I am on approach to KSAN and had just crossed the outer marker and was heading down to pattern altitude in a 747-800 from 7000 to 3500 (the later was my autopilots set flight level) at 2000 vs - had auto-heading on at 119, and auto-speed set to 180. I was doing some checking on the larger flight map, and when I bounced back into the cockpit I watched as my plane continued descending past the set 3500 to 1500, 1000, crash!
What the ??? (well that last part was the sentiment heard echoing around the house lol)
Anyone else have auto-dramas?

You probably didn’t account for the elevation

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Depending on how your vertical speed and angle was is how much you may of descended. This may happen by STALL or you may have had a high vertical speed.

Nope! Elevation was fine. I fly that route virtually daily. I could probably fly that particular route blind. The fight plan waypoints are always ‘exactly’ the same. Or nearly, depending on my departing runway. On this particular flight my waypoints were:
VPSCM (119 degrees {95.8nm})
… … …

So it wasn’t a terrain issue.

Also the VS, speed, and heading has been flown a hundred times.

7000 to 3500 @ 180 nots with a VS of 2000 fpm

No dramas at all with those specs - test it your self

I got the same problem :(

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