Autopilot problem

**Iphone 11 (regular)
IOS 15.2.1:

I do not know if this is an issue on other devices but is it normal for autopilot to direct me to somewhere that is not in the flight plan?

LiveFlight shows my route and the aircraft position.

This occurred when I was at the A/P menu and I accidentally hit the “APPR” button. I don’t know if it is because it was trying to decend but once I reached the needed altitude of 5,000 ft, it stayed in the wrong course, flying towards Florida instead of staying in Georgia.

If you know why this might happen, please tell me. Thanks!

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you must established on the localizer first before turning on the APPR.

Do you turning off the APPR after that? and than turning on LNAV and VNAV to descend and going back to the flight plan.

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I did turn it off and then turning LNAV and VNAV back on but it still was on the wrong course.

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Do you set it back to GPS?


No not at all! I really was still confused on all this since I started only about 3 weeks ago. What does it do? Does it like re-course the flight back to the set plan? Thanks in advance!
I just learned something new today.

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GPS is the flight plan, nav1 is the ILS, LNAV will follow whichever one is set

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Thank you so much!

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