Autopilot Problem

Hey IFC, my autopilot pitches the nose down when activated and I don’t know why. Is this happening to anyone else?

Can you elaborate on the aircraft type, fuel or any information that would be helpful like what your vertical speed is?

It happens on every aircraft regardless of weight. My vertical speed is low too. About 1200-1300

Is your device calibrated and the plane trimmed out?

We’re going to need some type of screenshot or video to help with this sort of this issue. Video via Google Drive or YouTube unlisted video would probably be best.

Alright well, It’s going to be a little bit. I just started a long haul

yes it does happen

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It only happens in climbs but I’ll send the video as soon as I land

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IF’s autopilot is a very agressive system and has caused many crashes for me

When I have taken off and climbing, I set the altitude and activate A/P, at that time there is slight pitch down that’s it. Is it what you mean?

Yes that’s exactly what I mean

I believe this is the time needed for the autopilot to locate itself, to “calculate” what input is needed and normally after a few seconds the aircraft must climb at the V/S you tell it to have.
Because you handfly the aircraft for a few minutes after takeoff and then when you turn on the AP it will simply catch-up to you climb rate from a neutral phase
Maybe try trimming your aircraft it might as well help

^ This. I never set an initial v/s for after takeoff, I leave it at 0. After takeoff, wheels up and hand flying the first few minutes of the departure, I make sure that I am stable and have directional control before then activating the V/S button on the AP and it will match your current V/S on the dime. Trimming the aircraft properly to your desired liking also helps with this transtition.

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But is the plane still gaining altitude?

Yep I think I’ve found what my probem was

I think it’s just the system recalculating and aligning the aircraft since we were hand flying… Not sure though

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Yeah it was

Thanks for all the help guys!