Autopilot problem

latly my autopilot is not able to hold my set altitude. Like it pitchs up and down even when the wind is minimal.


What aircraft are you flying? It may be outdated and have poor physics so best to disengage altitude hold but keep V/S at 0.

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like the 737-800, the 773

What aircraft are you currently, or most recently experienced the issue, and what was your speed? You want to be at about Mach 0.83 for the 777, and 0.79 for the 738.

That aircraft is known for having issues with holding its altitude. How fast you are climbing can play a big role in it. What is your normal climbing VS?

2500 ft per minute

i mostly fly from 0.80 to 0.84

That’s an ideal and somewhat realistic V/S. But it would be logical to come in at a lower V/S such as 1500fpm or even as low as 500fpm

For the 777 2500 can be white overwhelming at high altitudes. Try climbing at 1800vs. This seems to work fine for my 1243 flights.

slight flex

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That is a bit too fast for the 737-800, just FYI.

Maybe u are flying too high, and top fast for 737, usually my Cruise speed is m.78 to 0.80

Ok thank you guys

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