Autopilot Problem

Hey everyone, as of late I’ve been having some trouble with the Autopilot where It tends to skip the waypoints. I personally tend to turn off the autopilot before final after I’m set on the glidescope and the localizer. Another thing to note in this scenario is that I was attempting harder landings such as without flaps and at higher speed but I do not know if that had anything to do with the Autopilot problem. This problem has happened to me 3 times before so I decided to take screenshots (below)

This is not my typical approach procedure, but regardless as you can see the autopilot decides to skip waypoints DAYTE and EKEYE, causing me to veer off runway bearing. Has anybody else experienced a similar issue? Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong.

( the pictures are in the wrong order I apologize)


That is not an issue. The turn between EKEYE and the airport-waypoint is very sharp, so in order to still follow the line, it activates this leg earlier.

You can fix that by adding another waypoint that is in the ILS-cone of the opposite runway.

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That makes sense, but having set my waypoints like this over a hundred times with larger aircraft why has this not happened before?

If you add the airport-waypoint to the FPL, it will always happen. If not, then it will follow the FPL until the last waypoint, which in our case is EKEYE, without any problems.

Makes sense, didn’t realize it was a simple fix haha, mod can close this now

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