Autopilot pitch control hiccup after exiting replay.

Device: iPhone 6
Software: iOS 10.0 (Public Beta 2)

Description: I’ve been encountering this bug since the release of the latest update. I would be flying in solo mode and complete a regular takeoff and engage Speed, HDG, V/S and Alt modes. Once established on a stable flight path, I used replay to watch my takeoff again. Once the replay is over and I exit replay mode, it seems that the V/S is now controlled manually through accelerometer input while all the rest of the autopilot functions remain fully functional. The aircraft usually stabilizes after a few seconds, the V/S indication highlighting remains on the entire time. It usually pitches up the aircraft after I exit replay for some reason when I’m expecting completely smooth flight without any pitch changes. Speed is stable and unchanged through the entire time due to.


Not necessarily. It can be caused by other stuff. I have iOS 10 beta and it runs perfectly fine.

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Same thing happened to me with the throttle. Gets stuck at a certain percentage.

iOS 9.3.3 iPhone 5s

I have the same after replay pitching problem… This needs to be fixed

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I’m having this, but the aircraft goes into a sudden dive.

I’m not blaming the beta, I’m simply giving details so that FDS can reproduce the bug and fix it.

But Infinite Flight doesn’t support iOS 10. It’ll support it in the next update which should when the Complete iOS 10 is released :)

So the app magically becomes compatible when iOS 10 is available publicly? I have stated that it might not even be related to the beta itself. Is it not good that issues pertaining to iOS 10 is discovered before its official release so that FDS can fix it? I’m not accusing FDS in any wrongdoing, I’m simply reporting a bug so they can fix it. FDS is a developer, so they will have access to iOS 10 as well, so they can definitely fix it before iOS 10 goes live worldwide so there aren’t widespread problems if this is an issue that pertains specifically to iOS 10.

I’m very well aware that iOS 10 is a piece of experimental software that will have its issues. But an important thing to note is that a beta program is designed so that a group of testers can unearth bugs before the update is pushed to the general public. So the beta program is working perfectly, I can live with this bug, it just needs to be fixed in time for mid-September for general rollout of iOS 10.

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I replied to someone else

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