Autopilot pitch action problem

Hello everyone,hope it’s not duplicate.

The problem is that pitch angle can’t stop and gains momentum when it tries to reach and stay at the altitude i set.Here is the problem

Although i set descent rate +300 to reach 30.000 feet slowly when it was at FL290.The same thing happened.As you can see,auto pilot tries to stay at FL300, at first descent rate goes between +250 -250,at the end between -750 + 750.This is what the problem is and how A/P goes bad.

here is another;

By the way my device is LG G3 with android 5.0
i hope it will be improved in global.

The A320 looks normal, we all have that, but the Dash does look really weird

I think this is a known, intermittent issue and pretty hard to reproduce. I’ve had this a couple of times for no reason, and sometimes it helps to turn off the AP, change altitude and start the AP again, sometimes not. There’s nothing wrong on your end.


I did read, did you read what i wrote properly? ;)


Wrong guy,i’m sorry :( it was for @ewanfleming or there was another guy but i guess he deleted his post

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I used to regularly use the Dash, and I experienced the same exact glitch as in the video quite often. The easiest fix while in game is to disable autopilot, level off manually, and re enable.


Try speed up to M0.85 on jet airplane

MMO on the A320 is .82. So that’s terrible advice…


I was busy with recording.I forgot to speed up and it changes nothing.

Oops, I forgot which type of aircraft he was flight.

For the A320, looks like turbulence. The dash 8 is a known issue like @schyllberg said.

There was no turbulance at least no turbulance that could effect pitch angle.I’ve experienced this a few times.

It looks like the Dash 8 is trying to achieve the descent rate what you put in, but while it’s trying to do that it’s over compensating resulting in a never ending circle that’s getting worse by the minute. Level off manually, and try a descent rate that’s less than the number you mentioned. That would be my advice. I don’t fly the Dash 8 very often on live so…

I turn off AP, level it to a comfortable setting and hit ap again if necessary, I think this is called oscillating?

I tried it on dash 8,sometimes goes well sometimes bad.