Autopilot on the A321

Very true
MMO is 82
I wouldn’t go over 80

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I monitor 👀 the NMI. With A321 you get 4500 NMI easy. That’s why you can do so many hours on a single-aisle aircraft. Because in reality the new a321lr reach this range.

A321-200 - 3200nmi
A321neo/LR - 4000nmi
A321XLR - 4700nmi
Official data from Airbus

well the aircraft in game is the A321 CEO, the aircraft of which you speak is the A321neo XLR, which is fitted with more efficient engines and sacrifices cargo space for an extra fuel tank

For the weight that I carry is perfect. I do it easily more than 8 hours 9h30 if I most say with it.

And the XLR isn’t even flying yet

Sometimes time isn’t all. Your nmi please?

In a few I will depart to JNB with a321 and I will try to take some screenshots

If you’re carrying less cargo/pax you may manage 3500
But nowhere over 4000

Nautical Miles

I know it’s the abbreviation for nautical mile, I was asking how far you flew in nmi

Hahaha you guys should explore better the A321 is Machine 🤖

Sorry didn’t get it. 4800 NMI with 10% of fuel left. But I took some measures I check my flight plan avoided crazy winds 💨

No way

Even with tailwinds it wouldn’t be like 1600nmi more than design range
Unless the plane was empty

No. I always go full. Apart from one day that use 220 pax.

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How… In… The…Grand…Scheme… Of… Things… Did you manage to do that with full pax?!?

So is it just me, or is the official Airbus website underestimating the range of the A321

But let’s be aware of something, I think when IF is designing an Aircraft 🎨 they based in their range as a whole. Not a commercial range. Aircraft they fly ✈️ further for safety and to have some profits they fly less in order to increase the payload

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It is possible if you reduce the payload, and avoid winds 💨 when you are setting your flight plan. helps