Autopilot on the 717-200

I found an issue with the autopilot on the 717-200, where the GPS LNAV flies the plane BESIDE the waypoint lines, it’s like a runway width off, it’s really annoying when you are trying to land with autopilot.

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Thi is realistic as the lnav is not made for precision
If you want to land with the auto pilot you need to use appr mode

Here’s a video

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The 717-200 does not have APPR mode, and on every other plane, LNAV has worked perfectly fine and has put the plane right on the runway.

The 717 hasn’t been updated for a while, so that could be the reason. This is just my opinion 🤷🏼‍♂️

Also about APPR, it’s not on all aircraft, mostly new aircraft or reworked have it.

but i have encountered the same problem on all planes
its just realistic and how its supposed to be

and what are the wind conditions when this occurs? @LongBoi

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We should not argue about this but it’s how it’s supposed to be and it’s realistic,that’s all

Could you provide a screenshot from how off it is?

Sure i can screen a pic

We never argued

Uh no that’s just not correct by any means.
I have also noticed that happening on the 737NG, and C130J. LNAV doesn’t hold the path very well, especially if there is any sort of a crosswind.
Additionally when intercepting the localizer without approach mode active, the aircraft tracks direct to source rather than intercepting the set inbound course.
Both are very frustrating and often lead to me just flipping the autopilot off and hand flying the approach.

It’s weird how LNAV is not accurate enough, but Approach mode is far too sensitive often making 15-20 degree adjustments for half a dot of localizer offset.

Yeah APPR is too sensitive

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