Autopilot not working well

Hey so I’ve been flying on the A320 family and the autopilot has been acting up like during cruise my plane won’t be stable it would go like 100 feet up and down, and also during vnav instead of going down my plane decides to go up. So I just want to know why this is happing and maybe it can get fixed in the near future.


Hmmm so I will answer in two parts

Part 1 for your autopilot going up 100feet

  • Usually when u travel through turbulent air it’s like driving on bad roads with potholes so gaps in air causes a sudden drop to prevent it and stay in cruise ap climbs suddenly …in simple this is turbulence
    Sometimes string turbulence can cause 400–500 door drop or climb to avoid it you can increase your trim settings
    Increasing trim reduces the pressure on your yoke …
    If you dont know to use trim do check #tutorials
    And search trim usage

BEfore descent u must check if all altitudes are entered properly or sometimes certain STARS may not have a altitude restrictions so u have to manually enter a altitude inorder to use it …
U can easily see stars with pre - altitude restrictions by tapping airport icon and going to proc - then arrival
Using charts can aslo help …
*If no altitude is entered you won’t be able to use VNAV *

Cheers and I hope it helps

But I don’t get turbulence all the flight and the waypoints go down in altitude and I always check if there’s some going up and I always have trim around 20%

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Hello, sometimes this happens with the older planes simply because your plane is always trying to correct itself. It could be a problem with the physics of the AP. I’m sure this will be addressed in future updates.


In the meantime, disconnecting ALT and enabling VS at 0 can help level off your plane in the temporary.

Well when it started happening I decided to move into the b737 but after a while it started happening so I went back to Airbus and now it’s happing again and I don’t want to go to the b737 not my favorite

Yeah I do that but I don’t like doing it

Well what I do is keep trimming if it’s goes violently up and down to reduce and as others said im sure future updates will resolve the issue
Happy landings

The autopilot can make brutal changes, too fast. It easily reach 100% which should never happen. So it may oscillate.
To stop the oscillating, set your speed manually until it goes calmed down.

What is your speed ?
You could be too slow which would cause trouble to the AP trying to keep you leveled

What speed, cruise level, and weight is your airplane at?

Mach. 78, 38000,and about 45-70% load

Seems reasonable for the A320. I’d suggest taking a look at the tips we’ve posted, but unfortunately, that’s just the autopilot acting up.

100 feet up and down is normal. Normally it is less thought around +/- 60 but it really depends on your weight and plane configuration.

Nah it’s like -600fvs to like 700vs during the whole flight

I’ve had a similar issue, try to disconnect the AP and reconnect it, should fix it !

I’ll try that later

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