Autopilot Not Flying In Circles When Reaching Destination Airport

For some reason when I play IF, sometimes I forget abt my flight and the autopilot will keep going in the direction of the last waypoint, and when I remember, I’ll be like 300nm away. However, when I see other people’s IF, when their plane reaches the destination, their plane fly in circles over the destination, so they won’t be that far away from the destination airport.

Can someone please tell me why my autopilot doesn’t “hold” over the destination airport?

The plane flies in circles, because it missed a waypoint in the flightplan. Thus, it turns back toward the point in order to intercept it. However, it often is going to quick to intercept the point (too fast and not able to bank far/quick enough), so it keeps doing circles.


What type of flight plans do you use?

If it’s of the WPT-ICAO variety, you won’t miss a waypoint, I believe is what CBro is trying to say.

If you use a detailed flight plan with several waypoints near the airport, such as on final for a runway, then there’s a greater chance of missing the waypoint and continuously circling trying to hit it (and missing).

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