Autopilot Nose Drops

I’ve for a long time, experienced a hard nose drop when engaging the altitude mode on the 787 and probably a couple of other planes. Is it just the way that plane flys in-game or am I doing sth wrong ?

When does this happen? During final approach?
Have you checked the calibration of the device/ ensure the trim is set correctly not showing any lines?

I was at 240 KIAS some time after take-off.

I was flying manually after takeoff. In my instance the climb rate was at about +2000fpm. Engaging AP dropped the nose almost instantly to around +1000fpm. It’s as if someone just shoved it downwards. Regularly happens on the 787s.

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that happens to me as well, i find increasing the trim helps a bit. But if you set too high, the nose will dip up instead of dipping down when you turn on the altitude control.

Yep why does it do that!? I mean as long as your speed is correct the nose shouldn’t just pitch down like that.

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