Autopilot needs fixing on all aircraft, especially 777

The autopilot needs some major fixing in Infinite Flight. If I am paying $100 a year for a flight sim it needs to be great, and the autopilot is not great, especially on the Boeing 777. Once cruising altitude is reached on the 777 it starts going in this roller coaster motion. For example, if you are cruising at 37,000 ft, the autopilot will go above FL 370 and go to about 37,050 ft then it will try and rectify the error by pitching down at about -600 fpm. It will then go below FL 370, to about 36,950 ft, and then it will go up at about 600 fpm, and it will continue in this ‘roller coaster’ motion. This needs to be fixed if I am paying paying $100 a year for a flight sim, which does not even have an interactive cockpit.

Some extra recommendations for the autopilot on all aircraft. I’m sure when we are on an overnight flight, let’s say Los Angeles to Paris, we don’t the plane to suddenly jolt to the right for a turn when we are sleeping, right? We all want a gradual turn, which is what happens, of course. It needs to be the same in IF, not a sudden jolt to the right during cruise, we want a gradual turn. Another thing, when I am on an approach into an airport and I’m at quite a slow speed 140-200 knots, if my VS is at -500 fpm and I lower at to -1000 fpm the plane continues to pitch down to about -2500 fpm and then it will lift back up to -1000 fpm, this also needs to fixed as well.

Side note: Not hating on Infinite Flight, this sim has a lot of potential, if, of course, there is time and effort being put into it. It’s these small things, like the autopilot, which tops of a flight sim beautifully to make it that bit more realistic, which is what everyone wants at the end of the day. Props to the IF Team with the addition of the A350-900, with working altimeters and ND, other new aircraft, and a re-work of the 777 which is in progress at the moment. But I’m sure everyone is wanting this autopilot issue to get resolved sooner rather than later.

If you, also, have any recommendations for me, and the community, who are having issues with these problems, please tell us! Hopefully the IF Team take this into account and act on it, as I said, sooner rather than later.

Have a great day, happy landings!


You may experience this if your cruise speed is too slow and/or you are too heavy. Try your initial climb to somewhere between 28000 and 32000 when really heavy (loaded with fuel). A good cruise speed for the 777 family is Mach .83


I’ve seen friends of mine talk about this problem in the 777, I believe it’s not about speed problems, as Levet said, another case of problems similar to the A320 that on landing it goes up and down and the speed increases a lot and decreases a lot to the point that the plane becomes a gamgorra, I already read here on the forum that this happens because of the configuration of flaps and speed, but I totally disagree with that, I fly a lot with the A320 and there are times it happens and sometimes it doesn’t happen in same aircraft configuration

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The autopilot in Infinite Flight works excellently well. You should go through flight planning especially for a triple 7 more because of it’s size.

IRL, 777’s tend to cruise low which makes sense because of the aerodynamics and weight it tends to carry therefore if you’re going from SFO to PARIS, it makes no sense to jump straight to 370 because of your weight, particularly.

You should start at somewhere like maybe 300-320 or even 290 if you’re really heavy. Continue to burn fuel, and do step climbs

Well, this can also depend on winds and stuff not just the game have a/p issues

Exactly. Weather conditions are a major factor.

We do however think some aspects of the Autopilot need fixing.

My best answer is to try to work around them and make sure you are not going too fast or too steep.

By the way, @IF_LOVER1, Welcome to IFC!

Thanks, just thought I would tru and help!

The reason you get the porpoising is not because of the flight model but because you last had your climb rate too high before leveling off. Your climb rate should not exceed 1000fpm the last 1000ft before cruise. The AP is pretty good on the 777 models.

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