Autopilot- Manually Disengaging Technique

Hello all! So I am looking for some advice when transitioning from A/P to Hand flying. It seems like when I manually disengage the A/P On short final the airplane seems to pitch nose down. This leads me to a missed approach most of the time.

I have tried calibrating and putting back trim in prior to disengaging. This helps but its not 100% reliable being that each landing is a different weight and speeds can vary depending on when I actually disengage.

I’d just like advice on how to maintain a stabilized approach when transitioning to hand-flying. Ive been dealing with this for years but its starting to get highly annoying. I appreciate the feedback!

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I know what you mean, I take off the HDG first, then the Alt, when I take the alt off though I increase the trim slightly and increase the back pressure to reduce the drop in pitch. I then take off the speed last. It’s given me enough time to ensure the approach is stabilised.

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First, verify that your sensitivity settings aren’t throwing you off course as soon as you disengage autopilot. Always calibrate before disengaging autopilot.

Ensure you have no purple in your trim before switching off autopilot. Usually, you would do this just before you reach your final approach speed. Be cognisant that you may need to make small adjustments as you slow down.

Above all else, make sure you plan your approach, know what speeds you’re going to deploy certain flaps at, gear, etc. Make sure you’re established on the glideslope and localizer before disengaging. If you’re unstable, you can ALWAYS go around!


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Ahhh! Anomaly the purple in the trim box could very well be the key! Ill be landing in 3 hours at Moscow, I’ll let you know if that helps!

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The only thing I can think of that would assist this issue for all planes, at all speeds, and all phases of flight would be an auto trim that coincides with he autopilot. Since the trim doesn’t adjust during flight, I can’t imagine the strain the autopilot has 24/7 trying to maintain each phase of flight. I feel that in real life the autopilot would disengage from such pressures.

Look at where the mangenta bar is on the trim, and aim your device in that tdirection

Thank you all for your feedback. I have tried @AnomalyWaffle’s technique and it worked magnificently. The biggest error I was making Was Not understanding the magnificence of the purple line in the trim box. Using @AnomalyWaffle‘s technique On final, I calibrated my device, made sure my final approach speed was set, and added back trim until the purple line was gone in the trim box. I waited until I was about 300feet AGL before disengaging and it was a very smooth/safe transition. Thanks Anomaly, and too all those who provided feedback. Happy flying!

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Glad this helped!

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