Autopilot making circles

Hello support. I can’t tell if this a bug or an issue on my end but on my long haul flights my plane starts tilting right or left. Autopilot is still on with no changes to it. Makes circles around a radius. I made sure there was no issue with my with my flight plan, if an engine went out or anything else. This happens midway through the flight. Any help or tips well appreciated.

extra note: I am running iOS 14.3 and the latest version of infinite flight.


Did u try activating the leg to a next waypoint?

Hey there! Sorry you’re experiencing this. It’s possible that you have two waypoints that are too close together. Would you mind sharing an image (screenshot) of your FPL?

I have a pretty simple flight plan. It starts making circles midway through around Canada or Alaska

Can you zoom in to the area where it is making circles and can you click on the icon on the bottom right that says “MAP” so we can see your waypoints?

I don’t know exactly where it happens but I’ll find the waypoint near

Is NAV1 on or GPS mode on?

this was gps

Sometimes you can miss your FIX or waypoint (VOR) if your airspeed is to high on a sharp turn. And then you will just circle until you connect back and capture your route again! I feel confident that this probably what happened!!

Hello check out this topic here for more answers about your problem it seems if the autopilot is making a tight turn it will try to keep intercepting it causing it to make circles try to have waypoints not to close together when flying.

I think we can go in circles trying to figure out what happened. The best thing is to see if it happens again. Otherwise we are all speculating.

Most of the time the cause of issues like this is sometimes you may have two close waypoints that are reversed or a tight turn. Its rare but it does happen.

I suggest just paying attention to the plan next time and see if it happens again.

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Rookie error on my part - waypoint appeared twice 🤦‍♂️. Post withdrawn

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