Autopilot makes plane stall

So I was flying from Taipei to Okinawa, and I reached cruising when I decided to go up a few thousand feet. My speed was quite high, about 540GS. I noticed the plane was making over adjustments to the V/S, so it would climb too much, then go back down and start climbing too little. So it was going up and down. It started really small, but I came back and saw my plane going from -20 degrees to 50 degrees in a few seconds. This lead to my plane stalling and for some reason I couldn’t recover it from the stall, it just kept falling out of control. It wasn’t the winds or anything, it was only a 30kt headwind at 24,000ft.

Device: iPad Air 2
iOS: most recent
IF version: most recent

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I have also had the same issue with autopilot. The aircraft would start swinging violently up and down eventually disabling the autopilot. Although I have to say the autopilot has improved quite a bit in Global, it still has these little issues. Also when activating the autopilot, sometimes the aircraft suddenly climbs or banks then settles down.

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I also remember that this bug used to be in a former version of IF, but it was fixed.

Might be overspeeld? I read that someone had this problem as well on a different topic but I don’t remember which one.

What was your vertical speed set at? Also 540 kts with a 30 kt headwind seems a bit fast.

What aircraft is this with?

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Did auto-pilot disengage?

The aircraft was an A321. I eased in the V/S slowly, till it reached about 2000fpm. I’m actually not entirely sure if the autopilot disengaged.

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What was your IAS at the time that seems about right however others have been experiencing some similar issues FDS is looking into.

Thanks, Kyle. We are tracking this issue with the A320 series. We’ll keep everyone updated!