Autopilot keeps turning off and plane is stalling for some reason

Hi, I was flying an A350 over France, and my plane’s autopilot kept turning off on its own and the plane kept stalling for some reason.

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The autopilot must of been turned off due to the stall. A stall is likely to pass the parameters of the autopilot which causes it to disengage. What is your airspeed?

My airspeed was 275 and rising.

What is your altitude and weight and if you are climbing, what is your vertical speed (VS)?

FL420 and I was just under MTOW.

That is probably the problem, try to decent to FL360 or something like that.

Planes stall at high altitudes if you are quite heavy so a little should fix the problem

Yeah you may be too heavy to reach high altitudes like that which can result in a stall and your autopilot being disengaged in result to the stall. Your autopilot tries no matter what to reach the parameters you have set and sometimes cannot get there with other factors in the way like weight. Your autopilot most likely was trying to reach an altitude that you couldn’t yet reach due to your weight.

I have reached FL420 when my aircraft was even heavier than what it was yesterday while autopilot was engaged.

What’s your vertical speed then?

Try to decent a little and see if it helps, remember you can always climb further into the flight when you are lighter

I had finished my climb around ten minutes before the issue.

I’ll try that next time.

And BTW, the autopilot had disengaged before the stall.

Are you using any third party applications that connect to Infinite Flight?

None at all.

Ok what’s your mach speed at cruise? Just want to confirm.

Around M.85

I find it odd that your stalling and the autopilot is disengaging after some time at cruise. Was it struggling to maintain altitude and speed while at cruise?

No, it was holding it very well.

There can be a number of reasons why, most have been stated above. Give it another try and pay attention to your VS, ALT, and Load % if it happens as you are climbing. Unless you have video of it happening (not a replay) we are all just guessing.

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