Autopilot Keeps Descending Past Set Altitude

Hello, A few days ago I was flying an approach at KPSP. I set the A/P for 4000 ft but after reaching 4000 ft after it kept descending, I disengaged the autopilot. I only disengaged it at around 2400 ft because I thought it would correct itself which it didn’t.
I was using the Aeroflot 77w.

Ios 9.3.?
Air 2
Not jailbroken
Latest if version
Was recording video without frame limiter

Glitch starts at around 24min to 26 min

You should state the aircraft too…

Same thing happened with a generic 77W with me a while back.

iOS 9.3.2

iPhone 6

Can you reproduce it? I do have evidence of it.

Since both of you have a problem with the 77W, could it be that the 77W is the source of the problem and not the video recording?

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Did you have altitude mode enabled properly vs just the vertical speed?

I didn’t record it. It’s only happened once, but I’ll try it again.

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Yes I also set alt.

I was unable to reproduce in solo. When it happened to me, I was descending to 4,000 in Amsterdam. Must be a rare bug.

I was also descending to 4000!

Was this on Solo or Live? If it’s Live, best you use Live to reproduce…

I saw it on live

I can’t go on right now, as I’m about to leave for school.

You said APP told you to lower your altitude so what do you mean by “it doesn’t stop”?

Funny… I’ve flown the B77Ws quite a lot of times yet I’ve never experienced this problem actually…

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Maybe it only occurs as you descend to 4000

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