Autopilot Issues

Dear Infinite flight Moderators,

The Reason why I took the time to send you this email is because today I was flying from Dallas in an A321 heading towards Fort Lauderdale with a cruising altitude at 36,000ft. Unexpectedly Autopilot starts to Violently start turning the yoke left to right when the max altitude for the A321 is FL391, So I know it wasn’t the wind. I then make a smart decision and start descending to FL330, but unfortunately the issue continues. I then end the flight and headed over to the community website and created this email. Is that an issue that I can resolve myself or is that just a issue in the game that has been going on continuously? Either way you all are great developers and I hope their is a way that we can work together to resolve this issue. Thank you for your time!


Can you please share your replay file from the flight? There are so many variables that a replay is the best way instead of throwing out guesses and seeing what sticks.

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Hey so sorry for the late response. Unfortunately it’s not allowing me to upload the Replay but I’m sure the issue was most likely Autopilot or Just the wind. I hope that there is another way that I can show you the replay but until then I hope this doesn’t happen to me again. Is there anything that you might think have happened?

hey, im sorry that you had to go through this, so if you could bare with me please as I list the possible cause to what happened:

  1. please check your speed as you reached FL390, its a very high altitude you should reach that altitude safely when the aircraft is at 50% and below of maximum load, which is displayed on the HUD, and your speed should be around mach 0.78-0.82, and the power setting should not exceed 90%.

  2. and please can you tell us what happened after descending to FL330, did the plane stabilize or it kept on shaking.

again please bare with me so hopefully we can figure out what happened , thanks!!


Well for the First Question the Aircraft did not exceed 90% and when I descended to FL330 the aircraft started to stabilize just a bit. Although the Autopilot kinda kept continuing to shake unnecessarily. Thank you 🙏🏾

could you report your speed at FL390

and what was the load of the aircraft


Sorry for the late reply. My speed was around 220 knots and I was probably at 173,000 in weight.

I use Pounds.

happens to me too with the entire a320 fam, particularly the a321. the AP oscillates uncontrollably for no good reason. i couldn’t land the thing because of the bugs, so haven’t used it in over a year lol

yeah I would say your aircraft was a bit heavy and your speed was low, but if you could please report it in mach

well I fly the A320 daily never had this issue I will check it out definitely , and just to keep in mind FL390 for A320 is the maximum limit for the plane so its a bit too high, I would recommend FL370 when going east and FL360 when going west

a320 isnt as bad and the a319 is even better. but trying to descend smoothly and peacefully in the a321 is just about impossible. For ex: gliding at 220 kts at 7000 ft with proper flaps, or trying to follow ILS path with full landing configuration–plane goes wild. super frustrating

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely wanted to know if this was an occurring problem for others in the community. It’s great to know that I’m not the only one!

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I can’t assist you with the A321 because I don’t fly it , and this is the first time im hearing about it , so the only cause I could think of is weight and speed

I don’t think its an issue with the plane, the A320 fam is one of the best in the sim, but I could be wrong, and I hope im not :)

Well with what @Captain_Oblivious Said I think it’s just a continuous bug in the game with the A321

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I have the same problem here. I think this happens when there is a lot of wind (70kts+), especially crosswind.

Oh and correction I was going at FL360 in that flight when it started happening.

Yes! At the time I had 76kts of Crosswind.

I have te same issue but only with the airbus aircraft’s.
I like all the new things that comes to the sim but the autopilot actually needs a work to I mean where is the flight director I thought it was a flight sim right 🤔