AutoPilot Issues

Hello I would like to report a issue with the Autopilot on the A319. I am Flying CYXE-CYVR and I hear my autopilot disconnect sound and the next thing I know I am nose diving. This also happened to me while I was flying KMCO-KASL in a A320.

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That sounds odd. Were you crusing?

This seems to be a recurring issue that will most likely be looked into. In the meantime, adjust VS and HDG slightly in small increments.

If at cruise altitude and winds are high, sometimes the extreme turbulence can disable your aircrafts autopilot. Happened to me before and it was not fun

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37000 ft above sea level

Yes just like Drummer said, I’ll recommended using Windy, a good weather app that can let you know of possible high wind areas and turbulent areas on your flight path, that way you’ll know when to be by your device if your AP disconnects.

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