Autopilot Issue during Landing

Maybe it has, aside from one close call I had in an A350 (banking into the cone whilst around 160 knots) a couple days ago, all of the issues I’ve had were fairly old. I haven’t noticed a difference in my regular APPR activations but maybe that’s just because of good APPR hygiene - it’s possible that they could’ve reworked it behind the scenes to ease those bad transitions.

Yours as well @adit , we all appreciate your in depth descriptions. I aspire to be on a similar level, learning as a group is essential and a beautiful part of this community. See you in the virtual skies!

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you can activate the APPR at 200 kts or below, and the glideslope is good to be below and the APPR will find the glideslope for you in that time you will reduce the speed and activate the flaps according to the speed that way you will have a stable approach and be happy, I usually leave the flaps and the speed already configured and remembering the glideslope always below and before turning off the APPR you have to calibrate the cell phone, I hope this helps

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wow this actually worked. thanks guys for the support.


we are here for this to help

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That’s what this community is for, to help others and to come together! Hope to see you in the virtual skies!

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