Autopilot is wrong

Why isn’t my plane following autopilot ?

Can you tell us what kind of autopilot is not working?

Hey, is your A/P switched to the GPS option when you are on the NAV tab?

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L nav it says the next way point them just goes off the other way

Yeah it is

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Go over to your flight plan page. Could you take a screenshot and post it here please?

I deleted the way point it wasn’t following

Did you manually input your FPL? From what it looks like I think your FPL is the other way round? Try activating a different way point and see if your aircraft goes there

I got it from simbreif

Could you perhaps zoom in some more on the flight plan so we can see where the waypoints are?

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Of course

Don’t really see what the issue is here, your autopilot seems to be following your flight plan.

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From what it looks like you are going the correct way? To confirm the way your aircraft is facing is it the the right direction?

It was going the wrong way before I didn’t the way point but the way point was straight ahead so I’m not sure why it wasn’t following it

How far was the waypoint it wasn’t following to the next waypoint? If there isn’t much distance between them it usually jumps to the next waypoint within a few seconds as the aircraft wouldn’t have enough time to go to the waypoint as it will miss it

what type of nav source were you following? Is it GPS? or NAV 1/2? (useless impulsive reply, Impulsive moment #77)

Na it was turning to the left when the wwycpoijt was straight ahead

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GPS yeah so idk

Hmmm i don’t really know then. Sorry man

No worries maybe was just a glitch

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