Autopilot is not precise | Altitude is fluctuating


my problem is the following:
During my two last flights I recognized that the Autopilot is not that precise anymore.
I don’t know what is happening all the time! When I set 25000ft or even 39000ft for example and this Altitude is reached, the Autopilot is not able to decrease V/S so that the chosen altitude can be kept. During cruise the V/S (and of course the Altitude, too) fluctuates between -1500 and +1500: The Altitude changes always, first a bit above the chosen altitude, than the autopilot wants to “go back” but decreases V/S so strong that the value is fast below the chosen altitude. My aircraft is luffing all the time.
I expect, that the autopilot decreases V/S when it approaches the chosen altitude to keep it careful, small deviations should be balanced, but WHY SO FAST?

First, I thought that the wind conditions were bad, but that could not be!
Then I checked my speed, but this was always in the “green area”!

I should mention that I play with a Joystick (Thrustmaster Hotas X).

Maybe there is someone who experiences the same “issues” or someone who has a tip…

Thank you for all answers!

I suggest to link a video of the problem to better help diagnose your situation.

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This also sometimes happens to me but after 5-10mins it stops, so I suggest just waiting till it stops

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Decrease your VS as you climb. I recommend:
3000fpm after takeoff
2500fpm after 10,000ft
1800fpm after 18,000ft
1000fpm till Cruise


How fast? Also, what airplane were you flying? If it was an A321, then this is a known issue.

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As many have said, a video will go a long way.

Which plane was this in? There are some planes where this is a known issue. You can also be going too slow, too fast, or weight may be an issue.

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Sounds like a weight problem to me.

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Hey, great! It was an A321 😂
But today I flew the Dash, and there it was the same thing… 🤔
And if this issue is known, since when? 'cause I fly in Infinite Flight for some years and this was not my first time flying the A321 or Dash. In the next days I’ll try with other aircrafts.

That’s an idea! I’ll try, thanks 😃

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Take a look:



The 77W does this too, albeit not as bad. On the A321, just reduce the speed to around 0.84 or less and it lessens the issue. The 77W just kinda bobs up and down, VS 500 ish. It doesn’t make you stall or anything but it is a little annoying

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That will it be! I’ll try other, but I think that was it! 😀
Thanks for your effort!

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Glad that I could help you! Have a nice day buddy! (A mod can close this now)

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I get this sometimes as well. But it depends on what plane you were flying. I had this problem with an airbus 321.