Autopilot is doing crazy stuff

For example:
Approuch says maintain 2500ft
I adjusted it but than the AP climbs without my “permission” to 10000ft and than makes a parabolic flight and at least chrashes

Same with descend
I adjusted 15000ft AP descends but then he does the same crazy stuff again

That is goddamn annoying

Please help me with that
Because it is ruining my fun that awesome game

Hello and welcome to the community.

Did you set 2500 on the altitude selector?

Hey there,
Just like @Chatta290 said above, set the Altitude to 2500 feet on the A/P and most importantly set the VS to negative ( say -2000 or -1500 depends on how fast you need to reach the altitude).

Also what aircraft are you currently flying on, explain what exactly did you press or use. And make sure not to use too much Trim. I hope this helps

It takes some time to understand how AP works. I would advise practising on solo mode flying manual and using AP and moving from one mod to the other for some time before getting close to a controlled airport.
You’ll mastet that quickly!

Yes i did
But i will try it in Solo mode

Ok i will try

What I do is when I’m parked on stand, I file my flight plan, and set my autopilot,

Not takeoff and it’s still on 0 because that will cause you to nosedive

Thanks to all your tips
yesterday I tried six hours to understand AP with your tips and now i understand it

Again Thank you very much👍


@Paul_Joseph No problem, have fun flying!

HypedFlyer19 (HY-P3D)

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