Autopilot is acting up…

Ive noticed whenever I’m using autopilot (on LNAV with a set altitude and a steady speed), my plane just stalls randomly. Is this normal? I follow the procedures as instructed and yet it still does this… could this be trouble on my end or within the simulator?

Also is this in the right category? Let me know if it isn’t, thank you!


What plane are you operating when this happens?

It happened on the 737-700, 757, and A320.

What Weight, Speed and Altitude?

Weight I’m not sure of, but my speed was around 163 knots with an altitude of 30,000 feet. My aircraft’s nose just continuously went upwards before leading me into a stall dive. Keep in mind that I had already reached my desired altitude, and had been unaffected.

Your speed should be a lot faster than 163 knots, you should be flying at M.78.

Oh okay. That makes sense.

Yeah hope that helped :)

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