Autopilot is a bit rough

I was wondering why the autopilot is sometimes flying in a rough manner, banking really fast, on activation of the VS aircraft might pitch up and down (I’ve seen posts about that one) and sometimes doesn’t seem to turn early enough and ends up over shooting the leg. I don’t know if I’m being too picky coming from PC simulation or if there is anyone else who noticed this. It doesn’t bother me that much but I was just wondering if any improvement could be brought up in the future.

I don’t know why, only that it happans, also, it always banks a full 45 degrees

Yeah it happens. I really don’t like IFs A/P.


Bank angle for me feels fine but it just starts banking so abruptly. I think IF’s AP could be a bit more polished.
Ive been flying on infinite flight since way back on my Ipad 3. If my memory is correct back then they didn’t even have autopilot yet and certainly no live flight. Later on there was an AP but no NAV so you had to manually change your heading to follow your FPL. They’ve made amazing improvements but I think that now AP might need a bit of tweaking.

It is a known issue. There are #features that can be voted on for tuning the AP system. (Customize the bank angle, etc)

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There’s also one for smoother A/P transitions


I forgot to add the Auto Thrust that also just goes full power just to gain a few knots. Does that include A/P system update?

That’s in the “smoother autopilot transition” thread posted above

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