Autopilot how control altitude?

How to make it so that the autopilot itself gains altitude, and not indicate it manually. Because when descending, it changes its height itself. And when you climb, you have to change it manually.

VNAV only works for descending. It hasn’t been added for departure yet. So you will have to change the altitudes yourself.


This is for realism purposes. VNAV is an instrument helping you calculate your top of descent. This doesn’t work on departure, only on arrival unfortunately

This isn’t strictly true, VNAV is a guidance system much like LNAV, but for your vertical profile, in the real world, VNAV may well be used for climbs.


Got it thanks) I just played X-Plane on a PC before, and there the autopilot climbed and descended on its own.

Yea maybe i miss conducted a bit I apologise, it isn’t included in the flight simulator yet.


But unfortunately when I click on VNAV it says that it only works when decreasing


But that would make it a little easier to take off to be honest)

Exactly, it isn’t a feature in infinite flight yet.
You can of course vote for this feature here and it may be added in the future:
VNAV for climb and cruise

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I would gladly vote with both hands, but I only have 1 level of trust and I cannot write and like in that topic, otherwise I am with both hands and feet for

I’m sure you are going to reach that level in no time

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I also really hope, since I want to offer a livery for the Boeing 737 800 Ukrainian Airline SkyUp, and also be able to comment and rate all topics on the forum

Keep being active on the forum and you will be able to in no time

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I am doing this, looking for interesting topics where my comments would be appropriate, and I also create my own topics with questions that have been of interest for a long time. By the way, thanks for answering them, you are helping me a lot)

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No worries!

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By the way, you can ask, but not create a separate topic. What application or website do you use to create a flight plan?

You can use FPLtoIF which is a really handy tool, it uses simbrief to generate a FPL, and then changes it into the IF format, and you can copy and paste it into IF, then add your SIDs and STARs etc


Thank you)

First-increase speed while the Aircraft brakes are locked on the runway, then as you watch the arrow to your left on top of the zooming in and out Little GPS screen and full throttle till you hear the ignition chamber inside the turbine engines. Then unlock the brakes after you deploy flaps 30 degrees and trim nose up +3-+5 on the trim tap and the Aircraft should takeoff on its own just keep a straight line and watch for cross wind in which it could throw you upside down or stall you. On the expert level that is.


Or just reach 140kts and tilt your device down and problem solved 😂😂