Autopilot Holding Mode

Im not that experienced in it, you’re probably correct. But still, for a go-around it would be pretty handy.

@TheExDid_HD and @a300c
So, when entering the approach into the FMC, it includes the missed approach procedure. So, after a go around, you simply use LNAV/VNAV. In IF, this techincally already exits, but the missed approach is uaually not in the proc or not complete.

Yes, it usually just can’t be filed although shows up ionyour map while choosing APP.

I personally really like the flight plan system of InfiniteFlight. A holding mode would be such a great addition. Unfortunately I do not have any votes left but I‘ll support this. Great request Marc!

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Marc can you cheat and secretly add it yourself and just don’t tell Laura until the day before 20.3?? But you have my vote if you can’t.

@Marc thank you so much for your support of the infinite flight community you have my vote this is a good idea as it is hard enough to do it manually.

I think this a great and needed idea

got my vote

@Marc speculation but it looks like it’s coming as you can see from this picture

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