Autopilot Holding Mode

Holding Mode
This idea is a additional Autopilot mode. Once it’s activated, your airplane holds in a standard holding pattern, at the present position. This would help, in case you need more time for the planing of your approach, in case you’re approaching a busy airport and the controller asks you to enter a holding pattern or in case something important happens in real life during your flight.

I know, there is a similar feature suggestion from 2015. However, since this is 2 years old and already closed and since there were a lot of changes in this simulator by now, I want to bring this up again. It is very difficult creating holding patterns just by using HDG or the current navigaton functions.

This mode would help the pilots and the controllers as well.

Thats a great idea I am going to vote for it!


That does seem like a good idea, cause with some cases you could set the autopilot to do left turns if the controller asks you to do so. I’ll vote!

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This is a great idea!! I’m not sure how this works with realism in mind but, for a phone simulator it’s a great idea

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Nice idea, would definitely be helpful in some situations ;)


Cool idea to make traffic more realistic!


Yep, I vote. Good idea always wondered if this was a thing.


Voted for this as it’s so annoying to do it manually. Always wanted this feature!


It is. I hope they will rework the Navigation and add this.


Giving this a bump as someone has just made a recent post asking about holding patterns. Would be great to be able to implement a hold at around 220 KIAS for example

As a controller I would absolutely love this! Voted, you got my support. :)


Out of votes, but a big yes!

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You got my vote!

Voted for this:)

This would be amazing! Voted.