Autopilot going crazy

So when I was flying towards SFO to ICN (inchon).
When ever it turns. It does a bank angle and, does it again turning the other way.
And this which made me crash. So why is this happening?

What aircraft were you flying? What were the winds? How heavy was your aircraft?

Do you happen to have a video of this?

I had the same issue, so when making turns I switch off heading in autopilot.

777-200ER KLM, winds was not paying attention, I put Normal for the weight
Yes i have the video.

But it can be solved.

ok how?

What was your speed.

Ok lemme grab my ipad.

it was american airlines btw

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well wind dirrection was 346M

don’t know the speed though.

Ok, but could u send a pictures of your flight plan

how you do that?
on replay?

This is all I got

I had a flight plan it not show.

You can’t see your actual flight plan from your flight on replay. You can only see your flight path. Anyways you may of had a sharper turn to make on your flight plan which would overlap your actual route (purple line) which explains your aircraft turning back to most likely intercept the flight plan.

Edit: looking at your replay it looks like that was not the case since you stalled stand by.

Welp I guess, My subscribtion ended anyway. Thanks!

Auto pilot turning that why.

Ahhh I see the issue here! You were at 138 IAS. This is way too slow for an aircraft that size especially if you are heavy doing a long flight. The aircraft was turning to avoid a stall when the LNAV was on it seems but it couldn’t take it resulting in your autopilot turning off and a stall due to insufficient airspeed.


Welp That fix my problem then.
thank you.