Autopilot Goes Wild for F18, G forces of ± 3 Gs

Hello, I was flying around in solo with the F18. Climbing through FL250 at about 500 KIAS, I engaged the autopilot. For about a minute, the plane was climbing smoothly at around 5000 feet per minute, and then the nose started to move up and down. The trim was a little off, and fixing it fixed the problem temporarily. As the aircraft entered a left hand bank, the oscillation started again. Eventually, the fluctuations in G-force reached ± 3 Gs. Even with full power, speed was depleting, and the nose was moving fast enough to create a significant change in AOA (angle of attack). I reduced the throttle, thinking that maybe I was just going too fast. Instead, the low speed combined with the oscillations resulted in a stall. The autopilot disconnected while my pitched upwards from the calibrated position, which further aggravated the condition.

The F18 is definitely a really cool addition to Infinite Flight, but this issue has been bugging me. Is this a problem for everyone or is it just my device? (iPad Pro). If anyone has any tips on how to get around this, please share.

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I’ve just tried to recreate this issue but was unable to. Is this a recurring issue? Could you try sharing your replay with us through

Hey, someone read the category descriptions! That never happens. This would be a Support topic since it is an issue within the app.

My bad, sorry for saying it was right in general, I don’t know what I was doing when I said that

Alright. Will move to support.

It is a somewhat recurring issue (it happens most times). I will share a video at my earliest convenience.

I’ve experienced it a lot. The up and down motion happens when the autopilot makes a sudden, quick motion such as a rapid vertical speed change. I have my own theory as to why this may happen: the F18 has the same autopilot as all airliners in IF and airliners are not designed to handle the speeds and extreme G forces the F18 does. Thus, if you exceed a certain “limit” the autopilot will start yanking up and down because it cannot keep up anymore

Interesting. Thanks for the insight.

Yes, share the replay video. I’d be more than happy to throw in my 2 Bits on this issue as I have seen things like this. Fighters behave weirdly at high speed and/or altitude. Hope we can get this sorted for you!

Hmmmm. I couldn’t seem to recreate it. I’ll add a video if I can. (Sorry for the late response. Was out of town)

Whoops. Totally forgot I can go to the replay tab. How dumb of me.

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